Infinity War

Am I late to the party for writing about infinity war? Yes. Have i seen it at least twice; actually only twice I might see it again later on this week. The point being is that I want to write a long rambling blog post about my thoughts on the movie. A ton of stuff made sense; A ton of stuff didn’t, but most of it was just flat out awesome.

So what didn’t work?

ummm, Dr. Strange anyone?

Sure, the good Doctor had a ton of awesome moments during the movie he did some cool stuff and one not very cool thing, allegedly all with good reason and i’m sure its all in service of making a good movie but this movie also makes it very clear during the first 30 minutes that Dr strange could have easily taken care of the infinity gauntlet with little effort. Early in the movie we see strange use his portal to cut off cull obsidian’s hand! that’s it plain and simple it’s done, problem solved. Just do that to Thanos and you save a lot of people a lot of aggravation. Or you could just use the time stone once or twice to get things to turn your way. This is the single biggest plot contrivance in the movie. Strange just acts totally out of character for most of the movie, Quill doing what he does and Thor’s not going for the head are well within the expectations of their characters, but Dr Strange just kinda ignoring every possible solution he had to get to some long winded endgame was just a tad unbelievable.

Wong just saying fuck it and going home is absolutely my favorite moment in the movie.

Peter Parker apologizing to Tony for fucking dying is also up there. I join the chorus and say that Tom Holland is my favorite spider-man, and the way they immediately jumbled traditional comic cannon in his first movie has freed them from having to work with so much bullshit. I know they keep saying they want to do some sort of year by year harry potter BS with the new spider-man trilogy but i’m hoping they skip ahead to senior year and then college for the third.

The fact that it never occurred to me that Rocket would just hand Thor a new eyeball out of the blue really makes me mad. I should really have seen that one coming.

Wanda constantly getting her world destroyed makes me wonder if they’re building towards and eventual house of M type story with her. There’s been a lot of time travel theories about Avengers 4, but wanda’s powers in the comics were always based on reality altering, and her power coloring matches that of the reality stone.

All our dead dusted heroes have to come back in avengers 4 right? I would love for marvel to have the balls to run out a whole new series of sequels with new characters (shuri, Miles Morales, ect, but I don’t see that happening.

Oh uhh, other than that, great movie 10/10 would see it again 5 more times if i could afford to.

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